Functions which can be used to help with the visualisation of the point clouds

exception pylidar.toolbox.visualisation.VisualisationError[source]

A Visualisation error has occured

pylidar.toolbox.visualisation.colourByClass(classArr, colourDict=None)[source]

A function which returns RGB and point size arrays given an input array of numerical classes. Where colourDict has been specified then the default colours (specified in getClassColoursDict()) can be overiden.

pylidar.toolbox.visualisation.createRGB4Param(data, stretch='linear', colourMap='Spectral')[source]

A function to take a data column (e.g., intensity) and colour into a set of rgb arrays for visualisation. colourMap is a matplotlib colour map (see for colouring the input data. stretch options are ‘linear’ or ‘stddev’

pylidar.toolbox.visualisation.displayPointCloud(x, y, z, r, g, b, s)[source]

Display the point cloud in 3D where arrays (all of the same length) are provided for the X, Y, Z position of the points and then the RGB (range 0-1) values to colour the points and then the point sizes (s).

X and Y values are centred around 0,0 and then X, Y, Z values are rescale before display

pylidar.toolbox.visualisation.rescaleRGB(r, g, b, bit8=True)[source]

A function which rescales the RGB arrays to a range of 0-1. Where bit8 is True the arrays will just be divided by 255 otherwise a min-max rescaling will be applied independently to each array.