Generic ‘driver’ class. To be subclassed by both LiDAR and raster drivers.

Also contains the Extent class which defines the extent to use for reading or writing the current block.

pylidar.basedriver.CREATE = 2

access modes passed to driver constructor

class pylidar.basedriver.Driver(fname, mode, controls, userClass)[source]

Base Driver object to be subclassed be both the LiDAR and raster drivers


Close all open file handles


Return the PixelGridDefn for this file


Set the extent for reading or writing


Set the PixelGridDefn for the reading or writing we will do

class pylidar.basedriver.Extent(xMin, xMax, yMin, yMax, binSize)[source]

Class that defines the extent in world coords of an area to read or write

class pylidar.basedriver.FileInfo(fname)[source]

Class that contains information about a file At this stage only subclassed by the lidar drivers

pylidar.basedriver.READ = 0

access modes passed to driver constructor

pylidar.basedriver.UPDATE = 1

access modes passed to driver constructor